FlexVision Pro Full table side control with 58'' high resolution LCD for exam room

FlexVision Pro

Full table side control with 58'' high resolution LCD for exam room

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When your interventional lab performs a variety of cases, efficient control of applications can promote effective teamwork and care. With FlexVision Pro, you can intuitively control all available applications at table side via seamless mouseover to streamline your workflow. This can increase efficiency and reduce the need to leave the sterile field during cases.

Control all tasks table side || 1

Control all tasks at table side

Pre-procedural data, multimodality imaging from PACS and other sources, and interventional applications can be displayed and controlled on FlexVision Pro. You can easily control all of this via a seamless mouseover. Capture screenshots of displayed video sources and store them in the patient file with a single click. Everything you need is at your fingertips within the sterile field.
Save time via flexible working || 1

Save time via flexible working

FlexVision Pro has been specifically designed to save time. Team members can work on all activities - at the FlexVision Pro and other workspots in the exam and control room - without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is on, staff in the control room can review the patient's previous images, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.
Bring images closer to you || 1

Bring images closer to you

Use Super Zoom to take any image from 32% to as much as 420% without loss of detail. Distal vessels and tortuous vasculature become clear. You can get a closer look at small details of anatomy, devices and data (ECG signals and hemo data) without leaning over the table.
Simplify set-up and operation || 1

Simplify set-up and operation

To simplify and standardise system set-up for your FlexVision Pro, your personalised layout will come up automatically with ProcedureCards. It's easy to re-arrange layouts as new needs arise along the way. Your department can create unlimited layouts for every procedure and/or user. The display can even be re-arranged and re-sized ''on the fly'' if desired to save time.
Make communication clear-cut || 1

Switch control and share pointer

Team members can easily take over control of applications from each other to promote effective teamwork. Communication also becomes clear-cut by, for example, by using a large mouse pointer that is visible in the exam and control room to point out an area of interest. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings and helps sharpen focus and concentration during procedures.
Gives you room to work || 1

Gives you room to grow

The 58'' FlexVision Pro is a full-colour, adaptable LCD display. View images from 8 video sources (Philips and third party systems) at the same time – in the size you want. Each image is arranged on screen to suit your personal preference and procedure. Up to 16 video sources in total can be supported.