FlexMove More room to work in your hybrid OR/interventional suite


More room to work in your hybrid OR/interventional suite

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A high quality X-ray imaging system can provide critical support during hybrid surgery and endovascular procedures in the same room. But these fixed X-ray systems can also get in the way of staff and other equipment in a crowded room. FlexMove is the solution. This option for our Azurion 7 series with 20'' detector, offers exceptional workflow flexibility for the hybrid OR.

Easy access to imaging || KBA 1

Easy access to imaging

Special ceiling rails enable FlexMove to be parked in stand-by near the table during hybrid surgery and endovascular cases. Simply move the imaging equipment into place when needed. It leaves plenty of room to work around the table in the hybrid OR. When imaging is not needed, it can be parked in a corner, allowing more room for caregivers and equipment.
Supports sterile environments || KBA 1

Supports sterile environments

For rooms that require clean-air areas, the ceiling rails of FlexMove are designed to fit around a laminar air flow (LAF) system of 3.2 x 3.2 meters. FlexMove can be easily moved out of the clean-air area when not required. The imaging system does not touch the floor which can simplify room cleaning.
Simplifies hybrid OR workflow || KBA 1

Simplifies hybrid OR workflow

Panning an X-ray system along the table can interfere with wires, tubes and equipment. FlexMove can be moved sideways and lengthwise, providing full body coverage without disturbing staff and equipment. Caregivers and the anesthesiologist can freely access the head end of the table, without having to move during X-ray. FlexMove keeps floor space of bulky equipment.