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Philips Children's Medical Ventures developed these diapers specifically for premature infants to help even the smallest babies enjoy increased comfort and developmentally appropriate positioning.

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Soft elastic leg gathers || Excellent, comfortable fit

Soft elastic leg gathers

The WeePee diapers have double-stranded leg gathers. They're made of soft elastic that enhances comfort and provides a snug fit that helps minimize leaks.
Super absorbent || Great performance

Super absorbent to keep moisture away from baby's skin

The WeePee diapers can absorb up to 70cc of liquid depending on size. Size XS - 25cc; size S - 50cc; size M - 70cc.
Refastenable closures || Excellent, comfortable fit

Refastenable closures provide the right fit

The closures are soft and flexible, helping you provide a great fit and excellent comfort. The closures will not stick to baby's skin.

Design helps promote developmentally appropriate positioning

Specifically designed for premature infants to provide a proper fit.
  • *Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.