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A playful guide for an MRI exam

Preparing your child for an MRI exam


An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination can provide a wealth of information to your child’s pediatrician. Yet, when unprepared, the procedure can be a stressful experience.

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*To play the app, please enter the code you received from your hospital.

Tapping into the wonderment of this new experience, the Scan Buddy App* engages your child on his/her level with an easy-to-enjoy cartoon world of Scan Buddies, so your child can undergo the MRI exam with confidence. The Scan Buddies will provide a positive distraction for your child and help them feel more in control.

Meet your Scan Buddies. Enjoy the game!

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The Scan Buddy App*


The Scan Buddy App is a fun mobile app that helps both you and your child become familiar with the MRI procedure in a playful way. This is where you team up with Ollie and friends. You’ll find educational videos and games that help you and your child understand the workings of the MRI scanner and the scan process itself. 


Enjoy the game!

Please note: The Scan Buddy App is part of the Pediatric Coaching solution and a code is provided by your healthcare provider to guide you through the upcoming examination. *To play the app, please enter the code you received from your hospital.

Ollie and friends
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Scan Buddy App* - Pediatric Coaching  

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The Scan Buddy App is part of the Pediatric Coaching experience, an engaging program to help children prepare for the MRI exam, at home, with the Scan Buddy App, at the hospital, with the educational 'Kitten Scanner' and even during the MRI scan.

*To play the app, please enter the code you received from your hospital.

Meet your Scan Buddies

Ollie third with pink background



Ollie is a little 5½ year old elephant. She is sweet, playful and optimistic. She can also be a bit serious when it matters. She and her Scan Buddies are ready to join in.

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Ellie is the technologist. She is an adult. Children hear her voice as narrator throughout the app and in the video. Ellie is kind, wise and very helpful.  

What’s the app all about?

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The app* consists of 4 modules to help you and your child to get familiar with the MRI journey.


The introductory movie 

Ollie and friends are introduced to help explain and explore. The movie gives an overview of the procedures, steps, spaces and people that your child will encounter. There is also a discussion as to why metal items are not allowed and a chance to hear the unfamiliar sounds of an MRI.

*To play the app, please enter the code you received from your hospital.

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The MRI game 


Here, your child helps a favorite Scan Buddy with their MRI scan. First your child removes metal items from the patient. When the Scan Buddy is placed on the MRI table, your child will identify the right equipment for the scan such as earplugs, headphones, and head coil. As the table slides into the bore, your child must keep the phone or tablet still to help the buddy lie still. While your child practices lying still or holding still, they again will hear the MRI sounds.

AR game thumb

The Augmented Reality (AR) game

Your child will discover the MRI scanner and walk around it in augmented reality. While this is happening, the scanner becomes see-through, and he/she discovers what it looks like when there is someone in the scanner. The exploration of the MRI machine is further encouraged with a sticker hunt. Each sticker unlocks additional educational material to further de-mystify the machine and process.

Parent module video

The parent information module


The educational section of this module provides general information about MRI scans to you as a parent/caregiver, including what it is, why it is needed, and how it works. The skills section contains some exercises you can do with your child to further familiarize them with the MRI exam – in a manner that fits the developmental age of your child.

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