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    Instantly add video to your chats with this easy to use webcam. It is the best combination of quality and price and it comes with an in-ear headset with microphone for echo-free speech. Start video chatting now. See all benefits


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Start Video Chatting

  • Smooth image with 30 frames per second video

    Sit back and enjoy superior viewing with 30 frames per second video. This gives you smoother video images and a better all-round video chatting experience.

  • VGA resolution (640 x 480) for sharp images

    VGA (640 x 480) means around 300,000 pixels are used to create the total image. This VGA resolution ensures sharp images for use in documents, webpages and e-mails.

  • Automatic Picture Optimiser for super image quality

    The Automatic Picture Optimiser helps you get the most out of your webcam by automatically adjusting the camera and image settings to match the light available.

  • Rotating lens for perfect aiming and natural images

    Rotating lens for perfect aiming and natural images. You can get the right camera angle quickly and easily without having to put things underneath it to change the tilt.

  • In-ear headset with mic for echo-free chatting

    The headset fits conveniently in your ear and the microphone is located on the cord below your mouth for easy recording. Get echo-free video instantly with this handy handset with built-in mic.

  • Installation manager for easy setup

    Install your webcam in seconds with the handy Installation Manager. Just follow the easy, step-by-step instructions and you'll have the webcam set up to match your computer perfectly.

  • Stable mount on any monitor, laptop or desk

    The multifunctional stand makes it easy for you to mount the webcam on any monitor, laptop, notebook or flat surface.

  • Snapshot button lets you take great instant photos

    With just one press of this button, your webcam takes a picture automatically. It's a fun way to share your pictures by adding them to e-mails, webpages or documents.

  • Compatible with MSN, Skype and other free messaging services

    The webcam and its software have been designed with all messaging systems in mind. Add video to Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, AOL Messenger and other free messaging services. It also works with Windows Messenger and NetMeeting for multi-person video conferencing and is designed to be future-proof.

  • Compatible with all available imaging software

    The webcam works with all available free and professional imaging software. Take a snapshot or still picture from your video and open it with any image program.

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