Battery charger


    Battery charger

    Fully charges your batteries in less than 200 minutes

    Charge your AA and AAA batteries in less than 200 minutes. 2 x 900 mAh AAA batteries and car adapter included. See all benefits


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MultiLife Battery charger

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Fully charges your batteries in less than 200 minutes

  • 12V car plug for charging in your car

    The charger has a special adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. This means that in addition to charging from the mains you can also do it when you are on the move.

  • Stylish, smooth and compact design

    The exclusive stylish and compact design makes it easier for you to travel with the charger and even more fun to use it.

  • Charge AA and AAA batteries in one charger

    The charger is designed to charge AA and AAA batteries.

  • The AC/DC adapter is ready for worldwide use

    An AC/DC adapter that can handle input voltages of 100 to 240V. By simply adding a plug converter for the desired country the charger can be used worldwide.

  • Protects your batteries against overcharging

    The special sensor detects when the batteries are fully charged and switches over to trickle charge to keep your batteries full and ready for use. The overcharge protection prolongs the life of your batteries by preventing the damage caused by overcharging.

  • Keep your batteries always ready for use

    Rechargeable batteries all suffer from self-discharge over time. The automatically started trickle charge keeps your batteries full and ready for use when they are kept inside the charger and in the power outlet.

  • 900 mAh rechargeable AAA batteries are included

    The 900 mAh of energy keeps your digital camera and other ultra-high energy users going even longer.

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