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Universal remote control

    Universal remote control

    Home Cinema was never easier

    Ultimate Home Entertainment remote control

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Home Cinema was never easier

  • One remote for your TV, VCR, SAT, DVD, Tuner, CD, AMP and Receiver

    Make operating your home cinema easier than ever with just one easy-to-use unit that'll operate your TV, VCR, DVD, tuner, satellite receiver, digital set-top box, CD player, amplifier and receiver regardless of the brand or model. Enjoy one-touch convenience when watching your favourite movies.

  • Dual transmission significantly extends operating distance

    With standard infrared (IR) transmission for remotely operating normal devices, and a built-in radio frequency (RF) transmitter for remotely operating devices in cupboards, cabinets or in other rooms, the range is considerably extended. The RF transmission is converted back to IR with a dedicated receiver.

  • Macro for turning all your devices with one touch

    Benefit from ‘one-touch’ convenience by creating your own macros that perform any sequence of commands from a single button. Just imagine, turning the TV on, setting the surround sound and starting the movie rolling with just one touch!

  • Timer function operates the equipment at a preset time

    You'll never have to miss your favourite show again. Simply set the timer to switch on the TV at the time the programme starts. It's programmable for any device.

  • Fast menu access to functions like set-up and text TV

    The important functions like set-up menu and text TV have clearly labelled, dedicated keys to make operating your equipment easier.

  • Learning capability copies functions from original remotes

    To have all the functions of your original remote available you can copy the signal transmitted from the original remote. It is then stored in the memory of the Universal remote control.

  • Ready for use with Philips equipment

    If you have Philips equipment, you can use your universal remote control without programming it because all keys are pre-set for Philips.

  • Batteries are included for unwrap-and-zap

    No extra batteries to buy, so you can use your new universal remote control straight out of the packaging!

  • For questions and assistance call our URC service line

    If you have a problem or question about your universal remote control, or there's a function key on your original remote control not covered by the extensive built-in code library, call the service line for a solution. It's available seven days a week.

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