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TransDock micro

    TransDock micro

    Play and charge iPhone in the car

    Enjoy your iPhone music over your car stereo with no installation necessary! One-touch IntelliTune technology finds the ideal frequency for transmitting your iPhone over your car's FM radio. Also charges iPhone while connected. See all benefits

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TransDock micro

with IntelliTune, for iPhone DLA44000/10 Find similar products

Play and charge iPhone in the car

featuring IntelliTune frequency finder

  • 4 ft (1.2 m) cable for easy access to your device in the car

    This flexible cable is 4 feet (1.2 metres) in length, providing you with easy access to your device in the car

  • IntelliTune finds open FM frequencies in one click

    At the touch of a button, IntelliTune scans the airwaves to find open FM frequencies. You'll know in an instant which station to tune to for broadcasting your device's audio content through the FM radio in your car.

  • 4 programmable FM presets for easy recall

    It's easy to programme and recall your favourite FM frequencies used to broadcast your device's audio through your FM radio.

  • FM transmitter broadcasts audio through your car's FM radio

    The FM transmitter wirelessly broadcasts the audio content of your device over your car's radio using an open FM frequency, so you can enjoy your music on the road.

  • No installation required

    Quick and easy to use, it requires no custom installation. Simply plug into any 12V auto outlet and you're ready to go, straight out of the box.

  • Special shielding for iPhone use

    The product features special shielding against mobile phone signal interference. This is especially important when using your iPhone with the FM transmitter, because it allows you to make and receive calls on your iPhone without creating additional static over your car's FM radio.

  • Charge from a car's 12 V outlet

    The compact charger plugs into a car's 12 V outlet, and connects to your device for easy and convenient charging on the road.

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