Wireless Base Station

    Wireless Base Station

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    A CPWBS054 wireless base station is your key to creating a secure, reliable and fast wireless network See all benefits


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Share the connected home experience

The heart of your wireless network

  • Software will help you to install the unit in 3 minutes

    Installation wizard goes step by step through the process and makes it possible for basic PC users to install highly complex equipment

  • UPnP enables various devices to communicate with each other

    UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) refers to a networking protocol that allows various devices to communicate with each other. Devices that can play certain content (pictures, audio or video files) can make themselves known on the network and can link into data stores that hold these files. A file can then be exchanged to enjoy a seamless entertainment experience.

  • 54 Megabits per second speed

    The speed 54 Mbps (802.11g) is a Wi-Fi standard 802.11g that provides a powerful data throughput of 54 mega bits per second. It also operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and uses a different radio technology in order to boost overall bandwidth.

  • Connects to any Wi-Fi device

    Wi-Fi certification ensures that you can communicate with all other Wi-Fi products. The Wi-Fi committee exists on Philips, Microsoft, IBM, Dell and other companies, setting industrial standards.

  • Internet upgradeable to keep your product up-to-date

    New features, functions and media formats automatically downloaded over the Internet via a broadband connection straight into your device.

  • High level security protection

    Wireless security provided by Wi-Fi. In some instances, WAP, WEP or Tkip may be all you need to protect wireless data. WEP is available in 40-bit (also called 64-bit), or in 108-bit (also called 128-bit) encryption modes. As 108-bit encryption provides a longer algorithm that takes longer to decode, it provides better security than the basic 40-bit (64-bit) encryption.

  • Wireless RF communication based on open IEEE802.11 standard

    The Wi-Fi standard means that no wires need to be installed between PC devices, PC peripherals and audio/video equipment located in different rooms.

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