professional TV

    professional TV

    21" Real Flat System TV

    The System SmartCard range provides management efficiency and perfect convenience for guests. The integrated extension slot allows expandability for interactive systems. It is future proof and prepared for digital applications. See all benefits


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21" Real Flat System TV

with System SmartCard expansion slot

  • SmartCard 3v3 Expansion Slot

    Permits OEM or 3rd party decoders and controllers to be installed inside the television for custom designed component integration. Eliminates the need for external set-top decoders, controllers or data terminals. Integrates system for superior control applications. Allows expandability for future upgrades. Prepared for digital applications.

  • Smartplug RJ12 connector

    The Smartplug RJ12 connector permits OEM or 3rd party decoders and controllers to interface with the TV.

  • Integrated clock display with wake up and message alarm

    The built-in clock display, which is also a wake-up alarm, eliminates the need and investment for an additional clock with cables and connections in the room. Automatic time synchronisation via teletext and preservation of alarm settings during short power outages further enhances guest comfort

  • Wireless SmartLoader for fast cloning

    Provides the ability to copy easy and wireless all programming settings from one TV set into other TV sets in less then a minute. The feature ensures uniformity between TV sets and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

  • External loudspeaker connector

    Amplified audio connector for easy installation of external speakers (like for bathrooms), eliminating the need for investments in external equipment

  • Welcome message on screen display

    A welcome greeting is displayed each time the TV set is switched on.

  • Volume limitation

    This feature predefines the volume range with which the TV set is allowed to operate, preventing excessive volume adjustments and avoiding disturbance of next door guests.

  • Front Controls Locking

    Prevents unauthorised access to TV functions

  • Switch On Channel Programming

    Perfect for in-house advertising or information channels as it allows to show a predefined channel when the TV is turned on.

  • Security Menu Access

    Provides conditional access to installation and configuration settings via a special code or master remote control

  • ESP™ (Energy Savings Programmability)

    Feature can be selected in the set-up menu. The TV can be switched off automatically after a specified period of use saving energy and provide extended product life time. The selectable range is from 0 to 99 hours.

  • Multi Language Teletext reception

    Allows users to select their preferred language supported by the teletext characters

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