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Do you have your own lighting ideas, but are not sure how to realize them? Want to know how to properly light a particular room? Or are you looking for expert advice and inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our quick and easy 'How To' guides show you how to light the different rooms in your home, create mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb.

Indoor Lighting

  • Light bulb cap types

    Light bulb cap types

    Light bulb cap types from Philips. Learn which bulb cap type is suitable for your use in your light fitting.

  • Light bulb brightness

    Light bulb brightness

    Discover how Light bulb brightness your activities. Learn how Philips helps you choose lights with the right amount of light for each activity.

  • Light bulb lifespan

    Light bulb lifespan

    Philips can help you understand how light bulb lifespan is affected by switch cycles. Learn how you can choose the bulb that suits your needs.

  • Low watt high lumen bulbs

    Low watt high lumen bulbs

    Low watt high lumen bulbs that save power & give more brightness. Experience the whole Philips lumen bulbs range.

  • Focused lighting

    Focused lighting

    Focused lighting and wide lighting can be used to illuminate spaces as desired. Find out all the Philips focused lighting products.

  • Light bulb colour temperature

    Light bulb colour temperature

    Achieve warm or cold light with light bulbs of different colour temperatures. Learn which Philips bulb would best meet your needs.

  • Light up time

    Light up time

    Philips helps you understand the time with different bulbs that become fully bright. Discover the full Philips range.

  • Colour rendering index

    Colour rendering index

    Colour rendering Index can bring colours to life! Learn how Philips CRI can help you select Light bulbs with a high colour rendering index.

Outdoor Lighting

  • Garden lighting ideas

    Garden lighting ideas

    Garden lighting ideas from Philips can help illuminate your garden and bring out the breathtakingly beautiful aspects.

  • Driveway lights

    Driveway lights

    Driveway lights from Philips help you accentuate your driveway. Experience all the Philips driveway lights.

  • Patio lights

    Patio lights

    Patio lights from Philips. Find out how installing the right patio lighting can make it a class apart.

  • Pathway lighting

    Pathway lighting

    Change your pathway lighting with Philips. Discover the innumerable benefits of how good pathway lighting can make a world of difference.

  • Front entrance lighting

    Front entrance lighting

    Discover how Philips can help you get enhanced front entrance lighting. Explore how you can benefit from the guidance offered.

Bathroom Lighting

  • Bathroom safe lighting

    Bathroom safe lighting

    Philips Bathroom Safe Lighting guide helps you illuminate every area of your bathroom safely & choose the perfect lights.

  • Relaxing bathroom lighting

    Relaxing bathroom lighting

    Relaxing bathroom lighting helps create an ambiance of relaxation. Experience the joy of unwinding in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Bathroom mirror lights

    Bathroom mirror lights

    The perfect bathroom mirror lights from Philips. Learn how a properly lit mirror gives you a true picture and makes a world of difference.

  • Shower lighting guide

    Shower lighting guide

    Philips can guide you in getting the most suitable and stylish shower lights installed. Learn more about the options available.

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