Frimley Park Hospital acquires new Philips vascular interventional system

March 10,2011

“This equipment and facility is currently the show-case of the hospital”

Radiology Services Manager, Frimley Park Hospital



Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has replaced one of its X-ray systems with a state-of-the-art Philips Allura Xper FD20 vascular interventional system, including the latest software packages, Philips’ 3D-RA and XperCT.


“The new Philips equipment set amid the new interventional suite has revolutionised our service in terms of image quality and speed and is also extremely user-friendly. This equipment and facility is currently the show-case of the hospital,” said Philip Ramsey, Radiology Services Manager, Frimley Park Hospital.


The new system, which will be used for all vascular and interventional work with an emphasis on endovascular applications, will allow the hospital to expand its service, including the performance of more complex and minimally invasive procedures such as EVARs (Endovascular Aneurysm Repair).


“We’re very excited to see Frimley Park Hospital benefit from the many advantages the Philips Allura Xper FD20 offers over existing X-ray systems,” commented David Tolhurst, Project Manager, Philips. “With superior resolution and clarity, together with an intuitive user interface and personalised settings, we’re confident this innovative X-ray system will be appreciated by clinicians and patients alike.”




Photo (left to right): Janet King, Director of HR and Facilities; Laura Galer, Radiographer; Lisa Ruprecht, Account Manager, Philips Healthcare; Joseph Esperanza, Radiographer; David Tolhurst, Project Manager, Philips ; Anne Benson, Radiographer; Philip Ramsey, Radiology Services Manager ;Andrew Morris, CEO (cutting the ribbon); Dr. John Hall, Clinical Director; Jayne Stevenson, Lead Radiographer; Karen Parry, Radiology Sister, Dr. Jeremy Taylor, Interventional Radiologist; Dr. Andrew Hatrick, Interventional Radiologist; Mr. Peter Leopold, Vascular Surgeon; Paula Head, Director of Transformation; Mary-Lou Quilloy, Staff Nurse; and Barry Heathcote, Service Delivery Manager, Philips.

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About Philips’ Allura Xper FD20

Philips’ Allura Xper FD20 is a single plane vascular interventional imaging system offering excellent visualisation for challenging diagnostic examinations and interventions.  Selected for its resolution and clarity, the hospital is able to improve its workflow. With the capability to perform a full spectrum of vascular and interventional procedures, it combines a large field-of-view and high resolution flat detector with advanced diagnostic interventional tools, all of which are seamlessly integrated in the clinical workflow.   XperCT brings soft tissue imaging to the angio suite for pre-, peri- and post-procedural evaluation during vascular interventions.  


The integrated workflow, intuitive user interface and personalised settings make it easy for a variety of users to work with the Allura Xper FD20. Each user can personalise their settings for each type of procedure and system movement and control it all from the tableside.  


The Philips 2k imaging chain provides crisp, virtually distortion-free visualisation of small details and objects for vascular interventions, and Philips’ unique real-time 3D Advanced Tools offer extra insight for complex interventional radiology procedures. In addition, Philips’ DoseWise programme offers low X-ray dose and excellent image quality. 


Philips’ 3D-RA rotational scan is an acquisition protocol that acquires a range of projections with just one contrast injection. It can be used to create real-time, 3D impressions of complex vasculature and coronary arteries to reduce time, X-ray dose and contrast medium. The wide rotation range provides a complete evaluation of the anatomy. In addition, the X-ray stand’s excellent stability enables precise positioning and high reproducibility, resulting in high quality images. Rotational scan can rotate in several planes.


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