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    Skype, meet DECT.

    • Easy to use; Reasonable price; Versatile, thanks to both Skype and DECT compatibility
    • PC must be switched on for Skype

    Conclusion : A great phone - if it didn't require your PC to be on for Skypeing, it'd be perfect...


    Don't get us wrong — we like Skype as much as the next person, it's just we never want to sit in front of our PC to use it. Skype, perhaps realising the same thing, has teamed up with Philips to...

    • Allows you to easily switch between Skype and landline calls, easy to use and install, phone and base station don't have to sit next to each other
    • Need to have the computer turned on and connected to Skype, doesn't work on any other OS

    Conclusion : Anything that makes Skype easier to use has got to be a godsend when it comes to using the service, and while we've had this phone on test, we found that we've used the Voice over IP application more than we did without it....

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