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  • pocket-lint.com

    Philips takes on Creative and Logitech with its latest webcam

    • Pixel Plus technology found in its TVs, easy to use, 90 frames per second capture rate in video mode
    • Automatic lighting adjustment gets confused at times, very narrow angle of view, stand fits uncomfortably on laptop screens.

    Conclusion : The SPC 900NC offers good picture quality and a rich sound; however, with no noise cancelling features you've got to make sure you are in a quiet room....

  • pcpro.co.uk

    It's too close to call between the Philips SPC 900NC and the MSI StarCam 370i in terms of image quality, but it's the Philips that's ultimately better designed. It gently attaches to the thinnest notebook screen or the thickest TFT. You can also fold...

    Conclusion : Great quality and decent software. But at this price, it isn't the best value....

  • pcpro.co.uk

  • pcformat.co.uk


Philips SPC 900NC

Philips SPC900NC

Philips SPC900NC

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