• Additional receiver for your SLV5400

    Additional TV link receiver

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    Watch the same video and audio signal transmitted by your SLV5400 Wireless TV Link on your third TV!


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Additional receiver for your SLV5400

  • Watch any video device on a second TV

    The wireless link uses standard SCART and cinch plugs that are used by almost every brand of audio/video device. If your device has one of these standard connectors it will work with the wireless link

  • Choose between four video devices to watch on your second TV

    The easy way to switch between your DVD player, satellite receiver, VCR or set-top box without having to reconfigure your entire home cinema set-up. The wireless TV link has four separate inputs, each with its own SCART connector, to allow you to connect up to four devices.

  • Works with DVD+RW/DVD/VCR/set-top box and many more

    Extend your possibilities for viewing movies, sports events, live performances and a range of TV channels anywhere in your home. The wireless TV link is suitable for transmission of AV content of all brands of PayTV and Pay-per-View decoders, satellite receivers, set-top boxes, DVD players, VCRs and camcorders.

  • Compatible with most video devices and brands

    The wireless link uses standard SCART and cinch plugs that are used by almost every brand of audio/video device.

  • Access to 4 devices at the press of a button

    There's no need to swap cables at the transmitter to view any video device on the second TV. Simple press the input selection button to switch from input device.

  • Device can be operated in a closed cabinet

    If you store your audio/video devices in a cabinet, you cannot operate these devices with a normal IR remote control. The Philips wireless remote control link allows you to operate these devices when the cabinet doors are closed thanks to an RF-based link that picks up the infrared signals of a remote control and translates them into RF. The receiver unit then translates them back to IR.

  • Less clutter, less fuss and no cable laying or drilling

    A 2.4 GHz wireless link between the receiver and transmitter means you don't have to lay cables or drill holes through walls.

  • Wireless signal passes through walls and ceilings

    There's no need to buy or rent duplicate A/V equipment. The wireless RF system extends your possibilities for viewing DVD movies and your favourite Satellite or TV channels anywhere in your home. With a range of up to 30 metres inside the house, it delivers high-quality video and stereo audio no matter where your second TV is located.

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