Cordless phone answer machine

    Cordless phone answer machine

    When beauty meets sound...

    Follow your instinct, be impulsive, the ID9 is pure indulgence crafted exclusively with you in mind. No need to justify, no need to be reasonable, go on treat yourself. Calling takes on a whole new meaning with the ID9.


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When beauty meets sound...

  • XHD sound

    Enjoy high-quality conversation, with a level of clarity rarely heard before. Thanks to a high-quality speaker, sophisticated technology and a real acoustic chamber, the audio spectrum reaches far beyond what's normally heard on a telephone.

  • Enhanced speakerphone for real-life hands-free conversations

    Combine a high-quality speaker, sophisticated signal processing, a real acoustic chamber and full duplex hands-free and you'll get the most natural reproduction of a conversation. Both sides can speak and be heard at the same time, as in a face-to-face conversation.

  • Free intercom - Free internal calls between handsets

    No need to stop what you are doing and go to give the handset to your son when his friend calls: you can freely and easily call the handset in his bedroom and transfer the call.

  • Complete phone package including a base and 2 handsets

    A convenient Plug & Play phone package including a base and 2 handsets.

  • SIM-card copying facility

    With the SIM-card copying facility, you can transfer your whole mobile phonebook on to your home telephone in a matter of seconds.

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