Wireless Notebook Adapter

    Laptop freedom with network convenience

    The CPWNA100 wireless notebook adapter integrates your laptop or notebook into your connected home network with speeds up to 108 Mbps


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Laptop freedom with network convenience

Expand your wireless network

  • Software will help you to install the unit in 3 minutes

    Installation wizard goes step by step through the process and makes it possible for basic PC users to install highly complex equipment

  • Connects to any Wi-Fi device

    Wi-Fi certification ensures that you can communicate with all other Wi-Fi products. The Wi-Fi committee exists on Philips, Microsoft, IBM, Dell and other companies, setting industrial standards.

  • High level security protection

    Wireless security provided by Wi-Fi. In some instances, WAP, WEP or Tkip may be all you need to protect wireless data. WEP is available in 40-bit (also called 64-bit), or in 108-bit (also called 128-bit) encryption modes. As 108-bit encryption provides a longer algorithm that takes longer to decode, it provides better security than the basic 40-bit (64-bit) encryption.

  • Wireless RF communication based on open IEEE802.11 standard

    The Wi-Fi standard means that no wires need to be installed between PC devices, PC peripherals and audio/video equipment located in different rooms.

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